ChuckWagon 2014 and More

Wow! What a month, already, and we are just getting started. Congratulations to the scouts of Pack 610: Winners of the Obstacle Course and for placing third in the overall competition!

Sharpshooter at BB Range

Sharpshooter at BB Range

I wish you could have seen them at the BB range taking shots at the targets with real gusto. Their rocketry didn’t earn them an award for accuracy but they sure should have gotten one for distance. I think Fort Friendship was momentarily in peril from the descending rockets. At the Cub Knowledge station the boys raced through questions every scout should know and, without ANY doubt, they “Did Their Best!”.

The knot station was a hoot. Eric H. put his sole into it by volunteering his boot laces for the boys to use as cordage. Kevin H. saved him from loosing his boots by retrieving a fresh coil of rope for the boys to use. This station, like most of the others, was action oriented. The boys had to tie several strands of rope together with a suitable knot (sheet bend or square knot) form a permanent loop (bowline) and cast the loop over an object to retrieve it. Most of these boys were Wolves and Tigers but they applied what they knew.

Our Bears and Webelos enjoyed a great encampment on Friday and Saturday night. Supper was foil baked beef and potatoes followed by Cherry Cobbler dessert.

First smore ever!

First smore ever!

Ken M. referred to our camp supper as the “after party”. I wish I had thought of calling it that!  It was huge fun and one of our boys ate his VERY FIRST SMORE ever!!!

We had a little rain shower overnight on Saturday but we could say nothing but good things about the weather! Some of us suffered from a “Smore Overdose” and our left-over Cherry Cobbler was liberated by two boy scouts from Troop 610.

Keep your head up, your eyes open, and stay excited by life: Fishing Derby is May 18 and Rocket Derby is June 14 with a Pack campout at Raymond Park.

First amore ever!

Cubmasters always have fun!

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