A Buddy is a Hero That Has Your Back

Pelham, NH – Old Home Day 2015

Several weeks of pAHeroHasYourBacklanning a parade float, rounding up “props” such as these helmets, and what do you get? Buddies! Look at these two scouts. They represent one of the things I most enjoy about Scouting. I like watching enthusiastic boys such as these grow up. Boys like these two participate in events and show up for meeting because they are fun. As for me, as much as I like watching th
eir progress, I show up to fulfill a mission. I am working to ensure that young people around the world are capable of making moral and ethical choices well into their adulthood.

I am working to make sure that each generation of new leaders in our town is populated by adults whose character is shaped by profound allegiance to principals of trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, friendship, courtesy, kindness, respect for law, optimism, thrift, courage, moral strength, and reverence expressed through their own faith and respect for the faith of others. In an election year men and women of all kinds seek our endorsement. I can’t speak to the qualifications of many but I can say that when their time comes, these boys are the kind of people our world will need; these are the future leaders that will earn my vote.

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