Got Scout Spirit? YES WE DO!

Showing scout spirit!On Saturday the scouts of Pack 610 participated in the annual Chuckwagon Derby at Camp Carpenter. The scouts showed their spirit at every station. Maybe you are “new” to the Derby and don’t know what a “station” is.

Stations are hosted by Boy Scout troops and present specific skill challenges to Cub Scouts. Scouts pull their wagon from station to station. When they arrive they announce themselves with their pack or den cheer. I have to tell you everyone in the camp could hear our boys shout, “We’re six ten, we couldn’t be prouder. If you can’t hear us, we’ll yell a little louder.” (It thrills me to hear the cheer I introduced to them years ago!)

This year’s stations included Citizenship, Cooking, BBs, Wrist Rockets, and several others. The boys did very well at every station and finished first at the Obstacle Course where they beat the best time by one second. Chuckwagon on the move.This was especially impressive since their wagon crashed into a tree momentarily stunning the boys. They recovered quickly and soared to a first place finish in the event. For this the pack was awarded with a plaque to celebrate their success.

Perhaps the biggest award of the day is presented to the single pack that best demonstrated Scout Spirit. This award is based on a unit’s teamwork, enthusiasm, and persistence. The award is affectionately called “Chuckie” and was presented to Pack 610. If you look closely at the picture you’ll see an “eagle” feather hanging from a cross bar. This adornment was added a few years ago when our Pack last won this award.

Congratulations to the highly spirited, tough, and tight knit scouts of Pack 610.  We, truly, couldn’t be prouder!

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